Luxury Beauty For Impact

by Danique Motzheim

Luxury Beauty For Impact And How They Create An Impact On The World


Millions of oppressed people's lives are being transformed by technology. In most instances, it's unfolding on a small, unnoticed scale in numerous different ways, discreetly improving possibilities for remote communities, women, and young folks to get their feet on the stairway.

And, since it is subtle and under the spotlight, I try to claim, as an idealist, that we are at the start of doing something big – gradual flooding of accomplishment.

Sometimes as even more elements of the corporeal economy migrate to the virtual environment, technology makes it possible to hit out to the ignored people. This unstoppable trend cannot be reversed. It has an enormous capacity to boost the huge steps taken in recent centuries toward a more equitable world – but we should get it correct.

Luxury Beauty for impact makes an impact by leveraging technology, data, and collaboration to advocate for gender equality, women's empowerment, long-term economic growth, and meaningful work for all.

How has technology helped us?

As it is a well-known fact that technology has devastating impacts on people’s lives. Luxury Beauty uses it to get massive success from picking up the street girls to educate them and give them a successful future. In this way, multiple authorities and partners come along the way to achieve the goals.

How to create an impact for needy people?

Nowadays, common people with just a little extra money have a plethora of options for helping the poor, such as donating a yak. It is no longer just big governments and global organizations that do all of the heavy lifting. Ordinary people are giving to the world's poor in greater numbers than ever before. Here are the most commonly addressed issues of poor people:

  • Providing Safe Drinking Water to poor folks
  • Deworming Therapies for Children
  • The donor of Insecticide-Treated Bed Nets
  • Youngster Sponsorship
  • Effective Wood Burners
  • Micro-finance
  • Library resources
  • And Literacy

In our gatherings, there is far more recognition and agreement about the effectiveness of various types of development projects than there is in the general public. We must do a better job of communicating what appears to work and what doesn't. Over the years, there have been moves to improve the transparency in the consumer good, medical, and now finance sector. We must broaden our collaborative research. Though many of us keep working on issues such as microfinance, water, and education, there are a lot more initiatives that need to be addressed.

How do we create an impact for them?

Luxury Beauty for impacts started its work in 2015. It all started from volunteer work. Luxury Beauty started to help the street girls of Accra and moved to other countries like South America, Azie, etc. In the beginning, there was no investment and certification in hand later it ended up with lots of participation. The street girls we found at the start were moved to organizations for education and then people from other parts of the world helped us find the needy girls to achieve the aim of women empowerment. 

After the education, the girls got amazing training and certifications in hairstyling, dress designing, and beautician. They can easily pursue their career in the relevant field and help others.

The aim was to reach the maximum needy people to address poverty and make their living happier.  It was not possible to accomplish this task without all our investors, partners, data trainers, volunteers, and technology.

People who usually have daily wages don’t have sources to work for the betterment of the country. However, they can use different means to help others, money is not the only option. Technology and data can help us in multiple ways where we can help others.

Here is a list of things that you can do for others without spending any money:

  • Communicate and give an honest opinion.
  • Educate them about how to explore the world to get a better living.
  • Use technology and share tutorials of your relevant field to help others understand it.
  • If you get spare time, give personal training to needy people of your relevant field without charging.
  • Donate the extra stuff that is not of your need and can help others to start their career i.e. hair curler to a new beautician.
  • If you know someone who deserves the help, refer them to the people who can help to take their career to the next professional level.

Once the literacy rate is increased, it will automatically add up to the world’s economy. In our aim to get socially independent women with a strong career and growth, we are working even harder to polish their skills, make them empowered, and become successful for the rest of their lives.